Dual2005Dual Vista pianta

Machine for automatic drilling and pinning of double sided boards or pinning of multiplayer circuits

Technical data

  • Panel sizes: min 350 x 480 mm, max 650 x 750 mm.
  • Stack thickness sizes: min 3 mm , max 11 mm.
  • Pin length: maximum pin length19 mm maximum length under back up 16 mm.
  • Pin feed: automatic with two electromagnetic pin feeders.
  • Pin load: automatic, motion on linear bearing.
  • Pin insertion: pneumatic with flow control.
  • Stack drilling: by means of two independent high precision electro-drilling heads with moving quill, 3000 rpm.
  • Vacuum bells: in built on pinning platform.
  • Pressure foot function: automatic, in cycle.
  • Self height adjustment of pin punchers.
  • Referencing system: against railing stoppers on Y axis with spring load dog at the opposite end.
  • Against side dog with micrometer adjustment on X axis.
  • PLC controlled cycle

Operation Mode

  • Double sided boards: cycle time 9 seconds (drilling-pinning).
  • Multi-layer boards: cycle time 7 seconds (pinning).
  • Only drilling: cycle time 5 seconds ( for back-up material)
  • All cycle times include unloading operation

Full CE Specification.